Welcome to our online home. We work on the genetics of immune-mediated and seizure-related diseases at Yale School of Medicine and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Our main focus is on finding the mechanisms underlying these diseases and developing ways to provide the right drug to the right patient. You can find more information about our work through the links above.


For scheduling, please email Chris’ assistant. The lab maintains a low-volume twitter account, and we have put up brief bios of ourselves.

What we do

We are trying to uncover the biological bases of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, so we can design rational new therapies and tailor treatment to individual patients. Both are heritable, common, complex diseases, and genetic studies continue to uncover genomic regions mediating risk to each disease. These alter cell physiology by perturbing gene regulatory programs in specific cell subtypes, but these mechanisms and their role in pathogenesis are poorly understood. We are designing novel, integrative methods to uncover these mechanisms using insights from genetics, genomics and epidemiology.