Chris Cotsapas PhD

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My current scientific interest is to develop ways to wrest biological meaning from genetic studies of immune-mediated and seizure-related diseases. My job is to make sure everyone else in the group has the opportunity to do the best science possible in this sphere. As a reward, I’m allowed to watch, and occasionally participate, in great projects.

I studied biochemistry at Imperial College London, and received my PhD from UNSW in Sydney, Australia, for work on gene expression genetics with Peter Little. I then joined Mark Daly at MGH and the Broad Institute in Boston as a post-doc, where I co-lead several GWAS studies on diverse traits. If I had spare time I’d be interested in french cooking, street photography, fly fishing and modern greek literature.


Parisa Shooshtari PhD

Parisa joins our group from Ryan Brinkman’s lab at the BC Cancer Agency, where she specialized in flow cytometry data analysis and was instrumental in developing SamSPECTRAL. She leads our projects to integrate DNase I hypersensitivity data across cell types with genetic data to find disease pathways active in relevant tissues.

Research Staff

Noah Connally BSc

Noah leads our project to identify genetic determinants of immune cell responses to stimulus and correlate these to disease genetics. He joined us in July 2015 after completing his undergraduate studies at Yale College.


Michinori Kadokura PhD – post-doc 2010-2012. Now at Asubio Pharmaceuticals in Kobe, Japan.

Boel Brynedal PhD – post-doc 2009-2012. Now junior faculty at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Barbara Gawlik MD – post-doc 2010-2012. Now practicing medicine in Munich, Germany.

Ioanna Pagani PhD – research staff 2014. Now at Thermo Fisher Scientific, CA, USA.

Abhinay Reddy BSc – research staff 2013-2014. Now a medical student at Nova Southeastern University, FL.

Jinmyung Choi PhD – post-doc 2011-2014. Now a fellow with Nenad Sestan, Yale.

Mitja Mitrovic PhD – post-doc 2012-2015. Now at Lek Pharmaceuticals, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Alexandra Casparino BSc – research staff 2014-2015. Now a quantitative analyst at Cogo Labs, Boston MA.

Arpita Singh PhD – post-doc 2012-2015. Now a clinical trial manager at Oticon Medical, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Athena Hadjixenofontos PhD – post-doc 2014-2015. Now Head of STEM at Scheck Hillel Community School, Miami FL.