We believe our work is incomplete if it cannot be reproduced by others. Our software and analysis pipelines are available on GitHub.

IMSGC Exomechip

Our pipeline to quality control and analyze low-frequency and rare variation in 32,367 multiple sclerosis cases and 36,012 controls. From IMSGC, Cell 2018.  


Joint LIkelihood Mapping is a test of pleiotropy, which determines if two GWAS associations in different cohorts are due to the same underlying variant. From Chun et al, Nat Genet 2017 (biorxiv)


REGulatory Fine Mapping attempts to identify regulatory elements driving a GWAS signal. From Shooshtari et al AJHG 2017 (biorxiv)

We applied Cross-Phenotype Meta-Analysis (originally from Cotsapas*, Voight* et al) to identifying trans-eQTLs in the HapMap LCL cell lines. From Brynedal et al, AJHG 2017.



Protein Interaction Network Tissue Search projects arbitrary gene-wise scores onto a gene-gene network and identifies groups of enriched genes. It then tests if these genes are coordinately expressed in specific tissues. From Choi et al PLoS Genet 2016